One to One Therapy/Coaching

I am based in Aspen Counselling (16 Main Street.  Lucan village, Dublin).

Contact 01-6217063 to book a session.

Cost: €60

Duration: 1 Hour

The issue’s I work with include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress Management
  • Worry Management
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Finding freedom from Toxic Relationships
  • Life Coaching

During my sessions I combine guided meditation and relaxation techniques with a psycho-dynamic approach, where we explore the past (including family attachments and developmental psychology) and how it is impacting the present.

Worldwide Online Psychotherapy

Contact for details.

Cost: €70

Duration: 1 Hour

Corporate Presentations/Talks/Training

My talks include:

  • Understanding Mental Health: Causation factors (Biological, Social and Psychological) and practical interventions.
  • Stress Management: Discussing the 3 types of Stress (Acute, Episodic Acute & Chronic); the psychological (anxiety, worry, irrational behaviour) and physiological (elevated cortisol levels) impact and practical tools (e.g. correcting breathing patterns, cognitive retraining, reducing toxic influences, etc.).
  • Challenging roles: Exploring societal expectations and the roles we have adopted to get our needs met. Are these roles now holding you back from living your own life?
  • Changing social interaction: How interacting with others (whether at work or at home) can trigger psychological states (child, adult or parent) and how we need to stay in adult mode as much as possible.
  • Breaking the cycle of dysfunctional relationships: Finding alternative ways to get your needs met.
  • Psychological roadblocks: Exploring the beliefs, fears, negative past experiences and unsupportive relationships holding you back from achieving your goals.

My past clients included Allied Irish Bank, the Irish Farmers Association, St. Vincent’s Hospital and Davy.


Cost: €500

Duration: 2 Hours (this includes time with any members of  staff who wish to talk with me privately as well as follow up email with presentations slides and practical exercises)

Online Training/Personal Development

I have launched the online program “The Self-Esteem Blueprint” to help individuals take control of stress, relationships, self-worth and boundaries.

This 5 module program (including over 3 hours of video, 17 meditations and practical workbooks) was designed to empower students with knowledge and tools to take control of your stress and worry, your relationships, your boundaries and your self-worth. It also covers making change in your life, such as following your passion.

Click here for details.

Cost: €329

Duration: 5 modules